Friday, February 17, 2012

Tool #9

Being a Speech-Language Pathologist, all of my teaching is tied into the student's IEP objectives.  All of  my lessons are individualized to meet that specific student's needs.  So, fitting the technology to their objective would definitely occur in the speech classroom.  Since I will most likely only have one i-Pad in my room, I will plan to use that for both individualized instruction as well as small group (2-3 students).  My plan is to have different apps that are designed for different speech/language needs (i.e., language, articulation).  I will pull each student into the activity at the level they need (i.e., one student may be working on correct production of /s/ while another student is working on using pronouns correctly) but it can be the same activity - it just requires the SLP to be able to multi-task with knowing each student's specific needs and how we can scaffold the lesson for each of them. I can very easily begin to have each student reflect on their own performance that day in an effort to make them more accountable for their learning.  The more accountability they have for these skills, the more progress we will see.  Can't wait to start using technology in speech!!

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